Whats New

We have made installing the EFI kit easier with fewer connections and fuel lines to run.   We have also trimmed down the different types of kits to simplify manufacturing and reduce order backlog. 

  • Idle Control System (ICS) using vacuum actuator to lift the throttle when needed
  • Fail-Safe Engine Temp Sensor (if disconnected/failure will read 180 f degrees)
  • Direct Link 4 TBI system has been updated with return springs on the secondaries.
  • Throttle bodies tops are powder coated flat black instead of painted.
  • The control panel contains the ECM, Relays and MAP sensors and mounts directly to the firewall.   
  • The Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter combo is now located at the front of the vehicle… that means no long return line from the engine bay to the filler neck. 
  • We now offer Fuel sending unit conversion for those who don’t want the worry or complication of converting their own. 
  • Rebuilt throttle bodies are standard with 1.25″ bore which help any engine obtain better airflow which equals more performance. 

For the Performance people:   If you are running dual exhaust and want to take your Corvair to the next level, you will want to use dual fueling tables.  Our ECM can support 2 different AFR and fueling tables that will independently control the fueling to each head based on the WBO2 sensor on that bank.   Each Wideband controller is approx $125.00 each from the people at 14point7.

October 2019: 

We have spent a ton testing Wideband O2 sensors that will work well with our system.  The really expensive ones seem to work well, but they are expensive.  The real cheap ones didn’t give consistent results, but we have found one that works well and still in the range of a Corvair owner’s budget.  The Spartan 2 by 14point7 work well and for $125 each… you really can’t beat it.  We recommend WBO2 on all installs for the perfect running engine. 

August 2019: 

Finally…. The Brown Idle Control System has been tested and deemed ready for field service.  The ICS uses a vacuum pull to open the throttle when the ECU detects that the idle has dropped before the commanded RPMs.  A GM solenoid will provide control the actuator using PWM that will ensure a smooth idle.  It will also idle up the engine during cold starts and maintain that idle until the engine has warmed.


April 2019

Fuel Sending Unit Conversion:  One of the major reasons some people hesitate on installing EFI is the pump in the tank is a daunting task even for the seasoned mechanic.  We have a tried built many of these units for our own installs, but not for the kits.  We will now offer to convert your sending unit to a Sending Unit/EFI fuel pump combo using the special wire required for fuel units.  Revolution Electronics (a Corvair guy) is providing the stud through bulkhead for power.  You must supply the sending unit and pump/filter.  We will only convert sending units that have/purchasing Brown EFI kits.  Call us when you order your system and have the pump and sending unit (used or new) sent to us. 

Idle Air Control Valve:  The Idle Air Control is included as part of the EFI kit for setups.   This is a large undertaking by us, but we feel it will enhance the EFI system.  For A/C systems, we recommend an additional “purge valve” directly wired to the compressor and will energize (open) the valve and allow air which will increase the idle.  Using these 2 systems together on an A/C engine will allow the parasitic draw of the components, but also maintain acceptable idle.  

Fuel Pressure Regulator – We have changed the positioning of the Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) to ease in the installation and use the existing factory 5/16″ fuel line.  This will also allow for a much shorter return line and simplify the installation.   A 5/16″ adapter barb is factory on the inlet which only requires a fuel line and worm clamp.

Wiring Harness Backing Plate – The wiring harness will include a backing plate that will mount in the prior position of the Generator Regulator.  The backing plate will be mounted in the area where the removed voltage regulator.  Mounting will be with self-taping screws in the location holes provided. 

4x TBI Harness shown

Throttle Body Units –  All TBI bases units will be cleaned, blasted, bored to 1.25″ and re-manufactured with new throttle shafts.  This will provide a “like-new” TBI for years of trouble-free service. 

4X TBI System – All four (4) TBI systems will include the 4x Direct Linkage System.  This system will allow you to connect all 4 TBIs using the easy to find/conventional 2 Carb linkage setup.  The secondaries have a return spring and “no-bind” throttle follower system for ease of installation.

1N5408 Diode – We will include the Diode in your kit for the alternator lamp wire.  If this diode is not installed, your engine may continue to run when the key is turned off due to feedback through the GEN lamp.

March 2019

Throttle Position Sensor Bracket – The TPS bracket is prone to bend when connecting and disconnecting the connector if not careful.  The redesigned bracket will allow more adjustment to prevent binding and is thicker to prevent bending.  If you would like a replacement, please contact us as specified on this site.