164 LM EFI Kit – C13113

Clarks Corvair Part C13113

Kit Parts

1 ea     TBI-70-L      Throttle Body Assembly, Even Side w/ TPS and I
1 ea     TBI-70-R      Throttle Body Assembly, Odd Side with IAC Motor
1 ea     TBA-70-L      Throttle Body Adapter, Even Side
1 ea     TBA-70-R      Throttle Body Adapter, Odd Side
2 ea                   Throttle Body to Adapter Gasket
1 ea     TBBK          Throttle Body Bolt Kit w/2 gaskets
1 ea     GMDIS         DIS Coil Pack w/module (Boxed)
1 ea     TBI-R2        Wiring Harness, Standard, Non-AC, w/Relays, R2 (Boxed)
3 ea     Fuel O-ring   Fuel Line O Ring for Fuel lines
1 ea     SE-HEI8       Spark Plug Wires, 8mm
1 ea                   Fuel Return Tee ½ x 3/8
1 ea     15123         NB O2 Sensor
1 ea                   O2 Sensor Bung
1 ea                   DIS to Crank Sensor Wire
1 ea                   Crank Sensor Holder, Adjustable, set screw
1 ea     PC7T          Crank Sensor, GM Type
1 ea                   Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
1 ea     ET-905        Engine Temperature Sensor w/wire
1 ea     FPBlock       Fuel Pump Block-off
1 ea     MAP           Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor, GM Type
1 ea     DisCov        Distributor Cover, Laser Cut
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Inlet, Drivers Side 5/16
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Inlet, Pass Side, 5/16
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Return, Drivers Side, 3/8
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Distribution Tee, Brass, 5/16
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Inlet to Tee (6”), 5/16
1 ea     TR-01         Throttle Rod Assembly, Adjustable w/ 2 clips
1 ea     OM-Gen1       Owner’s Manual
1 ea     TAA           Throttle Actuator (All except 140) w/clip and rod
1 ea     VSS-LM        Variable Speed Sensor (VSS) Kit, Magnets
1 ea     DIS-BK-L      DIS Bracket, Late Model
1 ea     ECM-164       Electronic Control Module (164 cu – Modified Prom Installed)


MAP O2 Sensor Plugwires TBI Drivers TBI Bolts TBI Base Gasket Throttle Assembly, LM, EM cars Temp Sensor Throttle Rod Crank Sensor Holder Fuel Pump Block off DIS Coil Pack Cranks Sensor IAT Sensor Head to Adapter gaskets Fuel-T Fuel-Drivers-Return Fuel-pass-Inlet