1st Gen EFI Kits


Tested and driven daily for over 140,000 miles….and counting 

Bolt-on Fuel Injection for the Corvair by

Brown Injections Systems, LLC

Sold exclusively by Clark’s Corvair Parts, Inc

Production is ending for the 1st Generation of EFI and being replaced with 2nd Generation TBI EFI.  This unit is a bolt-on and reversible EFI as the 1st Gen.  Cost will be slightly higher (approx $200) and available August 2018.



This kit was designed and built with 3 major objectives:

  •     Increase performance and dependability of the Corvair Engine
  •     Be completely reversible and cost effective
  •     Plug and Play

Why TBI?   The Throttle body was chosen for the dependability and simplicity.   This kit is a bolt-on, simple with ease of troubleshooting with its OBD-1 architecture and uses mostly GM parts available at your local auto parts store.  Parts that had to be manufactured are of normal home shop quality and not made on production lines/machine shops to keep the parts affordable.

 Background:    Fuel injection has always been costly for the Corvair mainly because of the Port injection requires costly welding and the manufacture/use of low production parts.  This kit uses mostly GM main-line production parts to keep the price low and uses tried and true components for reliability.  The dual throttle body has been used before, but was fragmented and used a costly computer to run.  This kit uses a GM computer and manufactured parts are of normal supply.  Temp control was always a problem due to the wild temp fluctuations of the Air-Cooled engine.  We developed a Water Temp Equivalent (WTE) method for the ECM to control and trim the engine.  We hope you find this one of the most well thought out, economical and dependable kits ever produced for the Corvair and should provide years of trouble-free service.

Theory:   Carbs and points that control the Corvair and all motors of that era are a compromise.  The Carbs give the best fuel mixture at only certain times due the design.  Distributors can’t compensate for Temp and use flying weights to control the timing… good, but again a compromise.  Fuel Injection w/DIS applies the best fuel mixture and timing for that RPM, Load and Temp.  Other sensors also trim the fuel and timing, but those are the basics.

 What should I expect?:   Ease of starting, good all around performance and better fuel economy.  This will not make your worn out engine a good engine.  It does not fix burned valves, leaking heads, cracked pistons, etc…. its fuel injection.  It maximizes the amount of fuel and spark for the best all around performance and economy based on external factors which a traditional Carb and points can’t do.



  • Do I have basic automotive skills?/Access to someone who is.
  • Do I have an engine that already runs well on carbs and distributor?  Fuel Injection will not fix your bad engine.  It does not repair bad rings, valves, blown heads, badly worn guides, etc.  If you engine runs like crap and you don’t know why? Figure that out first.  This project will only be as good as the engine you install it on. Please, please, please, perform a compression check on your engine before you install this kit.  You will also want to check the vacuum with a gauge at the crossover pipe and monitor the changes.  Small pulses are ok, but large pulses will cause the MAP Sensor to trigger the AE (booster pump) and will dump extra fuel into the Throttle bodies.  This will usually indicated badly worn valve guides or leaking valves.
  • Does your fuel tank needs cleaning/replacing?  If you have rust/debris in the tank, this will enter the pump and destroy it… period.  The injectors have their own filters and do a pretty good job with the small stuff.  You only have a fuel sock between you and a $80 pump and not that if you opt for the external pump.  (Pump warranty claims are between you and the point of purchase)
  • A laptop computer and the USB diag cable is highly recommended and can be purchased from us for $39.00 + shipping.  Other cables are available from other vendors, but at a much higher price.   You can see everything your engine is doing and can tell in an instant if you have something not working/disconnected, etc.  The all components are checked as a kit (on a running motor) before shipment, but your skills and attention to detail can make this an easy or difficult install.
  • These kits are basic GM OBD-1 computer with GM components.  If taken to an automotive shop/FLAPS, they can scan this car just like a 94 and below Chevy Truck and get the codes.  We have not made any changes that will interfere with the GM code or signals.


  • We (Brown Injection Systems, LLC) will provide basic help and troubleshooting, but we will not teach you how to work on your car.  We will answer kit direct questions as they relate to what was installed.  If you doubt your abilities, don’t order this kit or get someone who does.  Its not magic, but its still an engine and you need a certain level of automotive ability to make this work.  For the people that have tried it on their own and had trouble has came to 3 things… electrical connector left disconnected, vacuum leaks or poor engine compression.  You will need the USB diagnostic cable and a Laptop for a trouble free install, but can be accomplished with a scan tool.




Early or Late?

145 or 164 ci Engine?

Horse Power (high or low compression engine)?


The following parts need to be purchased locally for warranty/exchange or Shipping purposes:

1 ea – Fuel pump Internal or External.   We recommend internal as it is quieter and used in stock TBI sytems, but if an external is used,  it must be a “roller vane” type.  The cheaper solenoid type will fail soon after installation.  (You must have a clean or new tank without rust and trash and a new strainer or it will destroy any pump).

130″ – 5/16″ steel and misc rubber main fuel line (Shipping not practical and available at FLAPS)

Other Information for this build:

Harmonic Balancer and throttle rod shaft must be modified by end user. (You can send it to us for modification for a small fee)

The head choke rod hole must drilled and tapped to accept ECM temp sending unit.

The O2 bung must be welded to the exhaust

VSS on late model will require tack weld to the rear control arm.

We will repair or replace, at our option, any part found defective for 3 months after date of purchase minus shipping.  Modified/abused parts will not be exchanged/refunded.

If you do not order the Air Cleaner Adapters/Set, you will have to mount the IAT sensor

Fuel Pump, Air cleaners and adapters solutions are available separately and NOT a part of this kit.  PVC must also be taken into consideration.

*** Knock Sensor has been deleted from kit and only available as an option, but not recommended unless you have a quiet engine.

To Order, Call Clarks Corvair,  If you have questions about the kit call or Email: Ted Brown 864-617-1776 or ted@browndata.com