Technical Service Bulletin

March 2016.  Pickup Sensor Bracket can cause low DIS (Spark) voltage.

The pickup bracket can cause low voltage spark due to bracket (being made from Steel) is drawing magnetic pulse from the pickup and not transmitting full AC voltage to the DIS module.  The brackets have been made more rugged and stronger to withstand “belt throw”, the bracket sleeve has been made larger which has caused it’s condition to amplify.  The existing bracket can be modified to decrease the amount of magnetic draw by cutting off the bottom half of the sleeve and re-drilling the 1/4 x 20 stop.  Having the pickup sensor more exposed may increase the chance of breakage during a “belt throw” and engines that are more prone to “belt throw” should carry an extra pickup sensor (Standard Part # PC-7T) or repair the cause of the belt throw.  Your existing part should show no damage to being exposed to the sleeve for long periods and restore full spark once the sleeve is reduced.  Since they are many different bracket sizes out there, reducing the sleeve to an exact size is not possible.

20160305_112302[1] 20160305_230510[1]

2 examples of cutting away more of the sleeve to increase magnetic pulse.


June 2016:  Use of Dog Dish Air Cleaners without engine cover.

If you use the Dog Dish Air Cleaners from Brown EFI without a engine cover, rain/water my collect in the top of the air cleaner and drain into throttle body. Water will drain from the TBI into the cylinder creating a hydro lock which in turn can break a starter nose at best and bend rod/break piston, etc. during starting.


August 2016:  Injector wire can become Frayed and short wiring harness and Use 30 amp In-Line Fuse to power side of Wiring Harness

One of our customers sent us a wiring harness for repair and all wiring had been burned on the power side of the Harness.  The cause of the burned wiring was a fray between throttle body and air cleaner and this eventually led to a complete short and burning off the power side of the wiring harness.  He also reported that the short burned an injector beyond use and had to be replaced.  If a fuse had been in place, the short would have been found and could have been repaired without damage.  The power side of the wiring harness required replacement, but could have ignited a catastrophic fire.

  1.  Always used a fused circuit in any and all electrical connections on your Corvair
  2.  Apply silicone between the wiring and the Injector wiring (See example below)