Software Setup

Under Construction!!!

Tunerstudio MS version 3.0 can be downloaded HERE

Your ECM comes pre-programmed for the approximate engine size your have.  You will need to setup a new project before you can upload your setting from the ECM to your computer.  After they are upload, you can change/manipulate, etc and then save back to the ECM.  Be careful as some changes to timing and fuel can create lean situations that can burn pistons, valves, etc.  Some setting in the program/project need to be setup for your engine. 

Your laptop can also be used as a dash gauge to monitor engine conditions as your engine operates… which is just plan cool.  Never operate your vehicles while programming or watching the laptop as you should keep your eyes on the road….that is what your best bud is for.

Head Temp Sensor Calibration:  

This thermistor is accurate within 5 degrees and is not adjustable outside the software.  Do not add resistors, attach gauges or other devices to this sensor… it is only for the ECM.

To perform this calibration, you will need to unlock the calibration tables first:

Go to Tools  and  Un/Lock Calibration

The following setting are for Brown EFI Head Thermistor only!

Go to Tools and Calibrate Thermistor Tables

Coolant Temperature Sensor and Air Temperature Sensor  (Set Both)

Three Point Therm Generator

Bias:  2490 (do not use 3892)

25               10000
100             678.6
150              186.1

Write to Controller and Close


Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Calibration

Go to Tools and Calibrate TPS

Initial TPS Calibration:  We have preset the TPS to +10% on the GM Scale, so you should not need to perform the initial setup of installing the TPS.  Power up the system and see what reading your get on the ADC count (should be between 1 and 30).  Rotate the shaft to check that TPS percentage is changing on the dashboard and is smooth without jumping.  If these items indicate as stated, you can now mount the TBI ad install linkage to that TBI,  We recommend not tightening the fuel lines until the TPS calibration has been verified.  After all connections have been made, you can now check the TPS calibration with the accelerator pedal as specified below.

Without pressing the accelerator. click the Get Current on the Closed Throttle ADC Count (it will probably read higher than 0).  Now fully press the accelerator and click Get Current Full Throttle ADC Count.  Click Accept and window will close.  You can re-run this calibration as many times as needed.

Lock your tables after you have finished as not to accidentally change settings.