Install TSP Distributor

For kits #:  B-2201 & B-4201

Corvair TSP Distributor with built in module:   You can also use the Corvair TSP type distributor that has the built in module and is sold by Corvair vendors, Performance Corvairs, ebay and amazon.  This unit comes with a Vacuum advance and user configurable springs for different timing slopes.  This is considered a “fuel only” install if used with Brown EFI or can be used as a stand-alone distributor as designed and a trigger wheel is NOT needed.   A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire is used on this distributor.  See Ted’s Rules for using a TSP R2R distributor using this link

This is the only Kit that does not require the use of a trigger wheel, but the distributor is taller and may interfere with A/C models.