Install VAG Coil w/Corvair Distributor

For kits #:  B-2203 & B-4203

You must install the Diode between the Alternator and Alt Lamp.  Not installing this diode will allow the engine to run after turning off switch as the ALT lamp bulb will back feed enough power to keep the EFI relays open. Click here for instructions.  

Corvair Distributor:  The Corvair distributor will need to be modified for use with the Brown EFI System.  Its latest redesign requires removal of all points, advanced weights, vacuum advanced and the distributor “locked down”.  Due to “no-load” being placed on the distributor shaft, replacement of the bearing should be a non-issue and should last forever.  Using a newly rebuilt distributor or one that is lightly worn my be overkill and not produce any better results.  It only uses the rotor and distributor cap as the ECM signals the coil to fire and all timing information is supplied by the sensor and 36-1 crank fired trigger wheel.  You can easily modify your distributor with the link (not yet) provided or you can send it to us and we will modify at no cost if you purchase a kit. (you must pay shipping).


Coil Mounting:  We recommend that the coil be mounted to the vehicle frame in the engine bay to minimize heat transfer from the coil.  The bracket has 2 bolts to secure it to the frame and 2 bolts to secure the coil to the bracket.  One of the coil bolts is longer to provide a mounting tab for the coil ground. 


Late Model shown above

Distributor Phasing:  Distributor must be phased at 20-24 degrees (which is the left side of the front cover bolt). Once set, the distributor should not be adjusted again unless it is removed and re-installed. Moving the distributor will not change the timing, but if the distributor is firing before or after the plug wire due to improper phasing it will burn your distributor cap and rotor and lead to premature failure. Mounting on the firewall requires a longer coil wire and is included in the kit. The Harmonic Balancer should be brought to 20-24 degrees BTDC and aligned for firing to the #1 plug wire. If you have an old cap, you can drill between the coil and #1 wire terminal on the cap and see when it’s perfectly aligned. Remove the test cap and reinstall your running cap. Once set, there is no reason to adjust the distributor again.

VAG Coil mounted on FC rear support

Distributor phased to #1 Cyl with special cap