Install Points or Pertronix Based Distributor

For kits #:  B-2202 & B-4202

Pertronix:  You can leave your Pertronix II module or even leave your points in place and use the crank-fired trigger to supply RPM information to the ECM.  You will not change any ignition components as the Distributor will perform all ignition functions.   Timing is NOT ECM controlled with Pertronix or points setup and is the easiest  path to convert to EFI (Fuel only).  Pertronix/points installs are NOT controlled by the ECM, but have been tested by us to start and drive well.  Pertronix requires 12VDC and not the 9V resistance wire that leads to the coil.  You can tap the Pink (12VDC) wire that leads to the injector for a good 12VDC source for your Pertronix.   If you us the EFI wiring harness to supply power to the Pertronix, remember to leave the 9VDC resistance wire connected to the coil.  You should not adjust the distributor timing and change plug wires until after the install of the kit.