Install GM DIS

For kits #:  B-2204

You must install the Diode between the Alternator and Alt Lamp.  Not installing this diode will allow the engine to run after turning off switch as the ALT lamp bulb will back feed enough power to keep the EFI relays open. Click here for instructions.  

GM Smart Distributor-less Ignition (Smart DIS):  This is the newest GM DIS which allows the coils to be controlled through logic signals supplied by the ECM.  These are widely used on GM models on the V6 engine and have an excellent durability record.  The Smart DIS Coil Pack and older coil pack are not interchangeable and require a Gen2 ECM and a 36-1 Trigger Wheel.  This setup requires a special wiring harness and spark plug wires.   This Smart DIS kit includes 7mm plug wires and GM Smart coil.  Use of the 140 engine using DIS and Air conditioning is not covered here and may require additional wiring and placement at the owner’s desire.  

B-2204:  DIS is mounted with the connector pointed to the rear of the vehicle.  The mounting is through the existing head bolts and may require some adapting if your head only has 3/8″.  Ensure the ground wire is directly connected to one of the head bolts as it may damage ECM if not connected.  The plug wires are connected in order from the connector 1/2, 5/6, 3/4


The Corvair Distributor must is left in place to run the oil pump, but should be stripped down and guts removed.  A Distributor Cover is included so the hide the open hole of the distributor and leave more room for repair and looks.