Understand that your engine MUST be in good working order.  Fuel injection replaces the Carbs/Distributor, does not make an engine in poor condition run better.  The most important things are: 

Compression:  90% of failed installs over the last 8 years has been due to low/no compression on 1 more more cylinders.  PERFORM A  COMPRESSION CHECK.  A minimum of 90 psi per cylinder on all cylinders is required. If you engine has poor compression, find out why, repair it and then install the kit.  Poor compression/cylinder misfire  will cause major fluctuations in the MAP sensor, which will in turn send the wrong amount of fuel to the injectors.  

SKILLS:  Do you have the skills to install this?  You need medium set of mechanical skills to install this kit.  You do not have to be an ace mechanic, but it help if you have trouble.  The most import tools are a laptop and voltage meter.  This will allow you and us (remotely) diagnosis lose/disconnected cables, etc.   If you don’t have the skills, I’m am sure someone in your club/locally does for not very much money if any.