Four TBI EFI System w/Corvair Distributor and Smart Coil

B4203:  Wholesale Kit Price:  $1849

4-TBI EFI System w Corvair distributor and Smart Coil:  This kit uses your Corvair modified distributor and a VAG logic coil for a simple and dependable EFI system.  We do NOT provide spark plug wires for this kit as your standard Corvair plug wires fit perfectly.  You will need a laptop and cable to program the ECM if you want different parameters than stock.


Kit Contents

1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector and TPS** 

3 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector** 

1 ea    Fuel Line Right Side

1 ea    Fuel Line Left Side

1 ea    Fuel Line “T” to Regulator

1 ea    Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter

1 ea    Map Sensor, GM Type

1 ea    Manifold Air Temp Sensor

1 ea    Narrow Band O2 Sensor

1 ea    Head/Engine Temp Sensor

1 ea    Fuel pump block-off with O-Ring

1 ea    Wiring Harness with Relays 

1 ea    30 amp fuse assembly

1 ea    ECM Computer (pre-programmed and user adjustable)

1 ea    Smart Ignition Coil

1 ea    Smart Coil to Distributor Plug Wire

1 ea    36-1 Trigger Wheel

1 ea    Sensor Bracket

1 ea    PC7 Pickup Sensor

1 ea    Idle Air Control Valve


Carb Bases/Distributor Cores:   We will need your Carb bases and distributor shipped to us with your order.  You will receive the carb bases and distributor (modified) you send  Please don’t send us junk as I have to throw it away, wastes your shipping and you will have to send another set of Carb bases.  Core change for Carbs and distributor is $20.00 each
Did you know that Brown EFI is intended for off-road use only?