Dual TBI EFI System w/Smart DIS

B2204:  Wholesale Kit Price:  $1499

2-TBI EFI System w/Smart DIS:  This kit uses the GM Smart DIS (logic) system and has a great reputation for durability and service.  Custom Spark plug wires are provided for this kit.  You will need a laptop and cable to program the ECM if you want different parameters than stock.  If you plan to install Air Conditioning, the AC pulley will interfere with the Trigger wheel and will require you send your Harmonic Balancer to us for modification and a special type of trigger wheel. 


Kit Contents

QTY      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION

1 ea      TBI-800-L                  Throttle Body Assembly, Even Side w/ TPS and Injector

1 ea      TBI-800-R                  Throttle Body Assembly, with Injector

1 ea      WH-4xDIS                  Wiring Harness, 2 TBI, Smart DIS

1 ea      MS-ECM                     Microsquirt ECM V3

1 ea                                            30 Amp Circuit Breaker

1 ea      15123                           NB O2 Sensor

1 ea                                            O2 Sensor Bung

1 ea      AX-32                          Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor

1 ea      ET-905                        Engine Temperature Sensor

1 ea      FPBlock                       Fuel Pump Block-off

1 ea      MAP                             Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor, GM Type

1 ea      FPR                              Fuel Pressure Regulator and Filter

1 ea      Fuel Line Kit              Fuel Line, Inlet, Drivers Side 1/4

1 ea      Fuel Line Kit              Fuel Line, Inlet, Pass Side, 1/4

1 ea      Fuel Line Kit              Fuel Distribution Tee, Brass, 5/16

1 ea      Fuel Line Kit              Fuel Inlet to Tee (6”), 5/16 to 3/8 to FPR

1 ea                                            Distributor Block-Off Plate

1 ea      ICV                               Idle Control Valve

1 ea      PC7                              Crank Sensor

1 ea                                           Crank Sensor Bracket

1 ea      36-1                             36-1 Crank Trigger Wheel

1 ea      Smart-DIS                 GM DIS Smart Coil

1 set                                          Smart DIS to Corvair Plug Wires


1ea                                             Idle Control Valve

2ea                                             Early Model spring hold down knobs

Cores:   Send your cores when you order to allow time for the modifications to these items and avoid delays.  You will receive the carburetor bases you send us so insure your cores are clean and usable and we need to entire carb to include choke mech.  Unusable bases have to be thrown away, wastes your shipping and another set of cores will be needed.  Cores are available for $35.00 each, but but are not show quality items.  Our cores are cleaned and mechanically working, but will not have new throttle shafts, bored, etc.
Did you know that Brown EFI is intended for off-road use only?