Dual TBI EFI System w/Pertronix/Points Distributor Ignition


2-TBI EFI System w/Pertronix/Points Distributor Ignition:  This kit is the simplest to install and run of all the EFI systems and is classified as a “fuel only” install.  The ECM calculates fuel delivery based on the engine sensors and RPM information from the trigger wheel.  This module  controls the timing and firing events.  TIMING IS NOT CONTROLLED BY THE ECM on this kit, but is very simple, starts quick and runs well.   The Pertronix has been around for many years and has a reputation of being dependable and simple to repair.  This fuel injection system connects to your coil and gets its RPM information from there.  Yes… its could be used with points, but ask yourself why.  Pertronix 1162A can be purchased from many vendors and Pertronix on Amazon.  If you plan to install Air Conditioning, the AC pulley will interfere with the Trigger wheel and will require you send your Harmonic Balancer to us for modification and a special type of trigger wheel. 

Kit Contents

1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector and TPS** – Even side

1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector** – Odd Side

1 ea    Fuel Line Right Side

1 ea    Fuel Line Left Side

1 ea    Fuel Line “T” to Regulator

1 ea    Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter

1 ea    Map Sensor, GM Type

1 ea    Narrow Band O2 Sensor

1 ea    Head/Engine Temp Sensor

1 ea    Fuel pump block-off with O-Ring

1 ea    Wiring Harness with Relays w/Opto-Isolator

1 ea    30 amp fuse assembly

1 ea    ECM Computer (programmed and user adjustable)

1 ea    USB to 2.5mm ECM to Laptop Cable

1 ea    36-1 Trigger Wheel

1 ea    Sensor Bracket

1 ea    PC7 Pickup Sensor

1 ea    Idle Air Control Valve (Automatic/AC Only)

2 ea    *Carburetor bases core needed   
Cores:   Send your cores when you order to allow time for the modifications to these items and avoid delays.  You will receive the carburetor bases you send us so insure your cores are clean and usable and we need to entire carb to include choke mech.  Unusable bases have to be thrown away, wastes your shipping and another set of cores will be needed.  Cores are available for $35.00 each, but but are not show quality items.  Our cores are cleaned and mechanically working, but will not have new throttle shafts, bored, etc.
Did you know that Brown EFI is intended for off-road use only?