Fuel Sending Unit Conversion

Fuel Sending Unit Conversion:  One of the major reasons some people hesitate to install EFI is the daunting task of installing the pump in the tank, even for the seasoned mechanic.  We have built many of these units for our own installs, but not for the kits.

We now offer an option for us to convert your sending unit to a Sending Unit/EFI fuel pump combo using the special wire required for fuel units.  Revolution Electronics (a Corvair guy) is providing the stud through bulkhead for power.  You must supply the sending unit and pump/filter.  We will only convert sending units as an option for people that are purchasing Brown EFI kits.  Call us when you order your system and have the pump and sending unit (used or new) sent to us. The pump part that we use is Bosch #69225 and the filter Bosch #68001.