MS Brown (Black) Box for Timing Only

We developed the fuel injection system using the MS ECM due to its capabilities, size, and cost.  This unit does fuel injection very well, but if desired it can do timing only, fuel only or both.  The Brown Box requires a crank fired ignition and can be adapted to any Corvair engine, including *Turbo since it can also advance and retard.   This setup will only power the VAG/logic coil (Built-in igniter) and WILL NOT work for standard/High-performance coils. 

Installation:  The ECM is mounted just like the EFI against the firewall.   The control panel has the MAP sensor pre-mounted, but will need to be removed in order to mount the control panel backplate.  The ECM needs a MAP (vacuum), Temp sensor, a Trigger pickup sensor, and a logical coil connector.  The VAG Coil is mounted on the rear support brace of the Corvair Car/FC with the supplied bracket.  The Corvair distributor will need to be modified so that its “locked” as the timing advance and retard is controlled by the ECM.  A trigger wheel is supplied and mounted directly to the Harmonic Balancer and the pickup.  If you want to run A/C with any EFI kit, you will need your Harmonic Balancer modified with an outer ring wheel and can be performed by our shop. 

Includes the following:

Control Panel which includes:

  • ECM
  • Wiring Harness
  • Map Sensor
  • Mounting Back Board

Crank Trigger Wheel

Crank Trigger Sensor and Bracket

Temp Sensor

VAG Coil

Coil to Corvair Distributor Wire

 Kit $699.99


This kit can be converted to a full fuel injection with a supplemental wiring kit.

*Turbo requires the use of a 3 bar Map sensor (which cost slightly more)