Electronic Distributor for Non-EFI Engines

The TSP type of distributor has some merit, but one major complaint that we hear is “what do I do for  replacement parts if something goes wrong? (module dies).  We have modified the TSP distributor to where it uses the electronic paddle to remotely trigger the GM type ignition module. If you ever need a replacement module, any FLAPS or online store has it in stock and the distributor does not have to be taken apart for repair.  The distributor will basically last a life-time as the shaft does not have any load placed on it that will affect timing. We do not recommend using the standard coil as they produce low spark and high amp draw.  Use of our inexpensive E-Coil does a nice job and does not have the problem of high current draw.  A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire is used on this distributor.

$199.99 plus shipping. (without E-Coil)


We also have the TSP type distributor that has the built in module.  Comes with Vacuum advance and user configurable springs for different timing slopes.  A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire is used on this distributor.  This module can NOT be replaced with FLAPS type and must be ordered or sent away for repair.

$169.99 plus shipping