Corvair EFI Distributor

This Corvair distributor has been modified to be used with the Brown EFI System.  Its latest redesign allows for all parts to be removable for repair.  Due to “no load” being placed on the distributor shaft, replacement of the bearing should be a non-issue.  It uses a standard pickup and reluctor that has been properly phased for EFI. 

Use of the aftermarket “ready to run” electronic distributors will work and can be modified in the same manner, but were very tall after cap installation.  Our distributors have the original look and performs as well as the larger modified distributors. 

These can only be used with ECM controlled engines. 

$129.99 each 

$149.99 without core

Installation instructions:

The gap between Relutor and pickup is pre-set at .010 using a brass/non-metallic feeler gauge.   Do NOT adjust the phasing (moving relutor pickup on shaft) as it has been set before shipping and should not require adjustment.  Install distributor at 16 degrees BTDC (or very close) and connect the wires and spark plug wires.