Turbocharged EFI

Due to overwhelming demand Turbocharged fuel injection is coming.  Testing will start August 2019 and production of units are scheduled for fall 2020 after hot and cold weather cycle testing have been completed.  Electronic Spark knock reduction is planned and will use the factory carb as the throttle body which will limit the amount of boost as GM engineers intended. 

No Corvair engine deserves EFI more than the turbocharged models due to carb issues. We will be able to retard the spark electronically based on Load, RPM and most importantly temp (air charge and engine)*.  This will allow the turbocharged engine to run “carefree” under normal conditions.  We will also have an over-boost protection that will bleed pressure from the intake when an over-boost situation occurs.  With the superior fuel delivery system, and electronic control of the spark (to include knock) the Turbo may finally be tamed for the normal driver. A fuel-only solution is planned for those with factory retard distributor using the Pertronix or factory points.  It will use the standard crank trigger for RPM and control input and an a

Ignition:  We offer 3 types of Ignition for the turbocharged kit:

b.  *Pertronix/Factory ignition (points) Distributor (Fuel only Solution)

c.  Modified Corvair Distributor w/VAG Logic Coil

d.  GM Logic DIS Coil

Stayed tuned.