Turbocharged EFI

Due to overwhelming demand Turbocharged fuel injection is coming.  Testing will start August 2018 and production of units are scheduled for summer 2019 after hot and cold weather cycle testing have been completed.  Spark knock reduction is planned with a maximum of 10psi in boost.

This will be a draw through system that will use an original styled setup.  No other Corvair engine deserves EFI more than the turbocharged models due to start up (even with a good carb) and over running after the system is a few miles from a tune up.  We will be able to retard the spark electronically based on Load, RPM and most importantly temp (air charge and engine).  This will allow the turbocharged engine to run “care free” under normal conditions. 

We plan to add spark knock reduction as a safety (add-on), but our past experience with GM spark knock control for the Corvair (1st Generation EFI) have been “hit or miss” due to the older GM design and the noise generated by the Corvair engine at high speeds.  We have not installed or tested any aftermarket knock reduction systems such as safeguard, etc. 

Stayed tuned.