Price List

Price List

Effective 1 Oct 2019

We accept personal checks sent 2 weeks before shipment and we will inform you when its time to send check by email.  We do not accept credit cards, but will accept Paypal sent to  If you use PayPal, please add 2% to the total price to include shipping to offset the cost.

C13104   61-62 Wagon,  2-TBI System  (Not Available at this time)

C13108–  61-65 FC,  2-TBI System  $1599.00

C13110 –  61-64  Car, 2-TBI EFI System   $1599.00

C13111   61-64 Car,  140 HP, 2-TBI System  $1649.00

C13113   65-69 Car,  2-TBI System  $1599.00

C13114   65-69 Car,  140 HP, 2-TBI System  $1649.00

B13115   61-64 Car,  140 HP, 4-TBI System  $1999.00

B13116   65-69 Car,  140 HP, 4-TBI System  $1999.00

B13999   61-69 Car,  2-TBI System DIS $1749.00 (Special Order Only)

B15001  –  150 hp Turbocharged Injection system (Available Jun 2020)

B15002  –  180 hp Turbocharged Injection system (Available Jun 2020)

B550  –  Dual Narrowband O2 Sensor (add-on wire, Sensor and bung) – $49.00

B650 –    Corvair Crank Timing Wheel – $39.99

B651 –    Corvair AC Crank Timing Wheel (modified by us) – $95.00

B901  –   USB to 2.5mm Data Cable  – $19.99

B902  –  Bluetooth Serial Adapter w/DB9 to 2.5mm  – $54.99

B950  –  Fuel Sending Unit/Fuel Pump Conversion – $75.00

B903  –  Fuel Sending Unit Power Connector – $12.99

B998  –  Corvair Distributor Lockout – $30.00 each (Drilled or welded based on condition of internals)

B999  –  Corvair Carb Core – $25.00 each

Clark’s Corvair currently does not offer the 4 Throttle body (B13115 & B13116) kit, so you must purchase those kits through us directly.

Part numbers that start with “C” correspond with the Clark’s Corvair Part numbers.  These kits are available directly from Clark’s Corvair.  They may have or have not updated their price list on their site.  These are the correct prices!!!

Shipping is not included on any item unless noted