EFI Trigger Wheels

This Trigger wheel is custom designed for the Corvair.  Its thickness is slightly less that other on the market, but this thickness was selected so that you could install this trigger wheel without the use of a 90 degree oil filter adapter.  

This will bolt in its place on the HB or pulley for lower HP models.   .  The 36-1 can only be used on Gen2 type EFI systems.   Make sure you use the spacers behind the trigger wheel so it will be spaced away from the Harmonic Balancer.  Use of lock washers is recommended, but you my find that FC/Early models may not allow enough distance any my interferewith rear bracket.  If you must remove the lock washers for clearance, use a locking compound to the bolt from loosening during extended use. 



36-1 Trigger Wheel


Trigger Wheel for A/C and Smog

**If you are using for an FC, the trigger wheel will only fit using a pulley or you will need a 64 type rear bracket.  If using a pulley, DO NOT use the spacers provided in kit


Did I mention Brown EFI is for off-road use only?