Ted’s Notes


Big concern is grounding.  These logic coils must be grounded or it will be over before it starts.  The wiring harness will have the grounds specified, and the coil has it own ground and it must be to the head.  If you have a later model Corvair, you have a 3/8 bolt and your grounding tab will not fit.  You must put an adapter in the hole with the 10/24″ and attach the ground tab before you do anything.

LS1/2 Truck Coil:   (CNP) is recommended by many, but this coil gets very hot when using as a distributor coil.  It is designed for coil on plug and 1/8th firing.  I hate to disagree with the experts, but if your coil is too hot to hold…. its not going to last long.

VAG Coil:  After weeks of testing, we decided to use the VAG igniter coil.  Its cool under fire, even when  mounted directly to the head.  We put many hours with 90 degree weather and she was still barely warm.  For this reason, I consider it the winner after weeks of testing different coils/igniters, Vortec Module, Coils, etc.   We also plan for it to be mounted in the same location as the factory coil.  A special plug wire is needed to work with coils.  These coils are from a 1995 VW Golf, 2.0 engine… they are automotive coils, but I noticed everyone except Napa does not stock them.  I would recommended keeping an extra ($29.00) in the car just in case.



Lean Hole:  There is a big hole in the Corvair tune… around 2600 RPMs, it cant decide if it lean or rich… I am sure this is a wall wetting issue, but not severe enough to stop the project.  We added a little fuel to make it a little more rich and the shutter went away.

Software:  Tunerstudio is the best free software ever.  Only buy the software if you need it for self tune… which it sounds better than it is.

Backfire:  Keep those VE Tables lean down low (20-40) …. or bang.

Dwell:  Do not change the dwell settings from 2.0 as they will overheat coil and cause premature failure.  A hotter spark is not going to be needed unless your turbocharging.  Keep in mind, this coil is 2x hotter than the GM ones and it ran turbocharging without issue.



This is the one that keeps me up at night.  The PWM idle control is not my desired way to handle idle, but stepper type control is not available on this ECM.  We are trying a couple, but the best are the Bosch type.  The cheapos from China leak all the time, so they produce high idle even when you don’t want it.


FUEL REGULATOR/FILTER LOCATION:  I put them at the rear near the engine, but I have thought lately about putting under the drivers area and not have to run the return line all the way back up front.  I know the fuel may heat up…. so???