2 Throttle Body Injection

The 2 Throttle body Injection system can be used on ALL Corvairs except turbo versions,   The kit can also be used on the 140 HP model, but will need block off plates (which we can supply).  This kit does not include plug wires as it will use the same distributor and cap of the original Corvair.  All linkage will be used and Carbs will be replaced with Throttle body injection units (TBIU).   The Throttle body injection units must use the insulator to ensure proper height of the TBIs.  Each Corvair engine will have its own program which will be supplied after purchase.  Program can be modified after install for those wanting different performance parameters those originally designed.  Throttle bodies can be bored to 1.25″ for those desiring higher top-end performance. 

Kit Contents (Under Construction)

1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/TPS, Injector - Even side
1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector - Odd Side
1 ea    Fuel Line Right Side
1 ea    Fuel Line Left Side
1 ea    Fuel Line "T" to Regulator
1 ea    Fuel Pressure Regulator and Filter
1 ea    Map Sensor, GM Type
1 ea    Air Temp Sensor
1 ea    Narrow Band O2 Sensor
1 ea    Engine Temp Sensor
1 ea    Wiring Harness with Relays
1 ea    30 amp fuse assembly
1 ea    ECM Computer
1 ea    Distributor (Modified and phased for Brown EFI)
1 ea    E-Core Distributor and Module assembly
1 ea    Coil to Distributor 8mm Wire
2 ea    TBIU to engine gasket (Use the Carb Spacer Insulator-Not Supplied)