2 Throttle Body Injection

The 2 TBI system design has undergone testing since Oct 2017.  Due to logistical issues it will be introduced at Maggie Valley, NC Corvair Show October 2018.   This setup will use the standard Corvair Throttle linkage, even the FC.

The ECM from Corvair-efi will be set to burn a 14.7 fuel/air ratio……what does that mean?  For the “Tree Huggers” the Corvair will finally be environmentally friendly (or at least more than any GM designed).  With the smaller bore, we are able the raise the AFR to produce less pollutants at idle and set the burn during cruise at its lowest level, while protecting the engine.

Using a easily programmable ECM, users may adjust their system for more power (richer) or even take it father (leaner) for better fuel mileage with the help of a wide band O2 sensor

Should I upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2?  For 140 users… maybe.  For 110 customers that love the power of a large TBI… no way.