2 Throttle Body Injection

The 2 Throttle body Injection system can be used on ALL Corvairs except the turbo version.   The 2 TBI kit can also be used on the 140 HP model, but will need block off plates (which we can supply) and will require the 140 ECM tune.  These kits will use either the modified TSP, Pertronix, Corvair distributor or DIS ignition system.   The factory linkage is used, but Carburetors will be replaced with Brown EFI Throttle body injection units (TBIU).  These TBIU are Corvair Carbs that are modified to be a throttle bodies and uses the same linkage and many parts of the original Corvair carb.  All kits retain the use of the mechanical idle advance for cold starts and is incorporated on the driver’s side TBI only.   The throttle body injection units must use the insulator to ensure proper height of the TBIs for linkage clearance and leverage angles.  Each Corvair engine type will have its own tune and we plan to constantly update the tune with the community of EFI tuners.  User modification of engine tune can be accomplished with laptop for those wanting different performance parameters those originally designed.   Throttle bodies can be easily bored to 1.25″ for those desiring higher top-end performance.  Our TBI design allows the use of only one (1) injector per TBIU by using high pressure and advanced injectors which highly atomize the fuel spray, even at low engine speeds.  The TBIUs are slightly taller than the original Carbs by approx 1/2″ to allow for  air cleaners clearance and optimum injector angle.  The FC/Lakewood/Early versions will have standard height TBIU and will have modifications to allow for connection of the air cleaner hold-down spring and height.   A mechanical cold speed advance is used as the electronic idle control has a difficult time obtaining a high enough idle in cold weather.  The electronic idle control (additional charge) is only needed on engines equipped with an Automatic transmission or air conditioning to help maintain idle under load. 

Ignition:  We offer 4 types of Ignition for the Dual and Four TBI kits: 

a.  *TSP type Distributor

b.  *Pertronix ignition Distributor 

c.  Modified Corvair Distributor w/VAG Logic Coil

d.  GM Logic DIS Coil

*You provide your Pertronix/TSP distributor and the ECM does not control the timing on these installations.  These units provide quick start and are simple to install.



Kit includes all items from the fuel pressure regulator to the engine. Fuel Pumps and return line are NOT included.

 Just so you know… Brown EFI is for off-road use only