Ignition Options

You have the following ignition options.

Pertronix/Points:  We have a way to fire your Pertronix II module or even leave your points in place and use the crank-fired trigger to supply RPM information to the ECM.  You will not change any ignition components as the Distributor will perform all ignition functions.   Timing is NOT ECM controlled with Pertronix or points setup, but is the easiest  path to convert to EFI (Fuel only).

Corvair TSP Distributor with built in module:   You can also use the Corvair TSP type distributor that has the built in module and is sold by Corvair vendors, Performance Corvairs, ebay and amazon.  This unit comes with a Vacuum advance and user configurable springs for different timing slopes.  This is considered a “fuel only” install if used with Brown EFI or can be used as a stand-alone distributor as designed and a trigger wheel is NOT needed.   A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire is used on this distributor.  See Ted’s Rules for using a TSP R2R distributor using this link

Corvair Distributor:  The Corvair distributor will need to be modified for use with the Brown EFI System.  It requires removal of the points, advanced weights, and vacuum advance and the distributor “locked down”.   Due to “no load” being placed on the distributor shaft, replacement of the bearing should be a non-issue and should last forever.  It only uses the rotor and distributor cap as the ECM signals the coil to fire and all timing information is supplied by the sensor and 36-1 crank fired trigger wheel.  You can easily modify your distributor with the link (not yet) provided or you can send to us and we will modify at no cost if you purchase a kit.  During install this distributor is set to 24 degrees BTDC and never moved again as all changes are made by the ECM.  Logic coil is designed to be installed on the rear support bar on Cars and FC.  



GM Smart Distributor-less Ignition (Smart DIS):  This is the newest GM DIS which allows the coils to be controlled through logic signals supplied by the ECM.  These are widely used on GM models on the V6 engine and have an excellent durability record.  The Smart DIS Coil Pack and older coil pack are not interchangeable and requires a Gen2 ECM and a 36-1 Trigger Wheel.  This setup requires special spark plug wires and coil which are supplied with the kit. 


If you use a MSD, Black Box, Magajolt or other forms of electronic distributor control, the MS system can replace that and also provide the fuel injection portion all in one box.