Electronic Ignition Options

Electronic  Corvair Distributor:

This Corvair distributor has been modified to be used with the Brown EFI System.  Its latest redesign allows for all parts to be removable for repair.  Due to “no load” being placed on the distributor shaft, replacement of the bearing should be a non-issue.  It uses a standard pickup and reluctor that has been properly phased for EFI.  You must have our EFI or a magnetic spark control to use this distributor. 

Use of the aftermarket “ready to run” electronic distributors will work and can be modified in the same manner, but were very tall after cap installation.  Our distributors have the original look and performs as well as the larger modified distributors.  You must use an E-Coil to prevent premature failure of the module.


Included with kit or $129.99 each /$149.99 without core + Shipping if purchased separately


Corvair TSP Distributor (Modified) :

The TSP type of distributor has some merit and they done a pretty good job on the machining.  We remove the “ready to run” module and modify it where it uses the electronic paddle to send signaling information to the ECM.  This distributor will work in place of the Corvair Electronic distributor (above) and the pickup is available at most FLAPS.   A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire can be used on this distributor if that cap is used.  Standard is a Pin Type wires and standard cap must be ordered special.

Included with Kit for $20 extra or $149.99 plus shipping. (No Core Need)


Corvair TSP Distributor with built in module: 

We also have the Corvair TSP type distributor that has the built in module that is sold by Corvair vendors, ebay and amazon.  This unit comes with a Vacuum advance and user configurable springs for different timing slopes.  This is considered a “fuel only” install if used with Brown EFI or can be used as a stand-alone distributor as designed.   A standard Corvair type (non-pin) spark plug wire is used on this distributor.  This module can NOT be replaced with FLAPS type and must be ordered or sent away for repair, so think about what you feel comfortable with.  See Ted’s Rules for using a TSP R2R distributor using this link

Included with Kit for $40 extra or$169.99 plus shipping. (without E-Coil)




Distributor-less/Direct  Ignition Sytem (DIS):

DIS will require a crank trigger and either a trigger wheel or a drilled harmonic balancer.  The DIS system has many years of tried and true service with very low failure rate.