Four TBI EFI System with your TSP Distributor


4-TBI EFI System with your TSP Distributor:  This kit is the simplest to install and run of all the EFI systems and is classified as a “fuel only” install.  The ECM calculates fuel delivery based on the engine sensors and RPM information from the electronic distributor.  The distributor has its own electronic module which controls the timing and firing information. Timing is NOT controlled by the ECM on this kit, but is very simple, starts quick and runs well.  If you already have/plan to order a TSP distributor you can purchase on amazon or Corvair vendors.   We do NOT provide spark plug wires for this kit, but can be purchased for $35.00/set with the kit.  Plug wires are also available from other vendors in many colors if desired.  You will need a laptop and cable to program the ECM if you want different running parameters (tuning) than stock and is very useful for diagnostics.  


Kit Contents

1 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector, Integral MAT and TPS 

3 ea    Throttle body assembly w/Injector

1 ea    Direct Link 4x Linkage

1 ea    Fuel Line Right Side

1 ea    Fuel Line Left Side

1 ea    Fuel Line “T” to tunnel line

1 ea    “S” tube from tank to regulator

1 ea    Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter

1 ea    Map Sensor, GM Type

1 ea    Narrow Band O2 Sensor

1 ea    Head/Engine Temp Sensor

1 ea    Fuel pump block-off with O-Ring

1 ea    Wiring Harness with Sealed Relays for TSP Distributor

1 ea    30 amp fuse assembly

1 ea    ECM Computer (programmed and user adjustable)

1 ea    Idle Air Control System

1 ea    USB to 2.5mm ECM to Laptop Cable

4 ea    *Carburetor core required 

Cores:   Send your cores when you order to allow time for the modifications to these items and avoid delays.  Insure your cores are usable as we need to entire carb to include choke mechanism.  Unusable bases have to be thrown away, wastes your shipping and another set of cores will be needed.  $20.00 each core charge will be charged for unusable cores.
Did you know that Brown EFI is intended for off-road use only?