4 Throttle Body Injection

The 4 TBI system design has finally taken shape and will be introduced at Maggie Valley, NC Corvair Show October 2018.  A lot can get delayed and go wrong before then, but we are very optimistic about this design and feel we can make this happen.

This setup will use the standard Corvair Throttle linkage and air cleaners.  4 throttle bodies that will not use progressive as 4 injectors evenly distributing fuel through 4 openings will give a better and smoother fuel burn .

2 and 4 TBI have been developed and currently undergoing testing and the 2 TBI version can be used on the 140 with block-off plates if needed.

Current Brown EFI 140 customers will be able to upgrade/trade-in current system to 4 TBIs.  Details, cost, etc are still under development.

Production model will differ


Stay Tuned.