4 Throttle Body Injection

The 4 throttle body system will use the standard Corvair Throttle linkage and the 4 port air cleaners.  The 4 throttle body system will NOT use progressive acceleration as the injectors evenly distributing fuel through 4 throttle bodies will give a better and smoother fuel burn.  There are various lock out procedures on the Corvair forums, but the most important part is that all throttle bodies open evenly.  We have developed a Direct linkage system for the 4 Throttle body kit which opens all 4 TBIs with a standard 2 Carb linkage.  We will offer this on 4 TBI units before we ship as we have to modify and fit each unit to ensure the TBIs do not bind and work without issue.  We added mechanical cold speed advance as the electronic idle control has a difficult time obtaining a high enough idle in cold weather.  The electronic idle control (additional charge) is o

The 2 TBI version can be used on the 140 HP engine with block-off plates or use thin block-off plates and leave the secondaries there for looks and to balance air cleaner if desired.  We recommend boring the Throttle bodies out to 1.25″ for the 2 TBI on a 140 engine to provide more air flow.  Throttle bodies tops are painted with a flat black to prevent rusting during storage and should be painted/powder coated after receiving parts.  You do not need a wideband O2 sensor to program your engine, but for those wanting more performance and exact information on their fuel ratios, they are easily added. 




The 4 Throttle body Injection system can also be used on engines that have had the extra Carburetor pad added (Fitch type).   The factory linkage is used, but Carburetors will be replaced with Brown EFI Throttle body injection units (TBIU).   The Throttle body injection units will fit with normal gaskets, but will need insulator to ensure proper height of the TBI.  140 HP Corvair engine has its own program which is pre-loaded in to the ECM.   Throttle bodies can be easily bored to 1.25″  for more top-end performance, but will require reprogramming after install for those wanting different performance parameters those originally designed.  Our TBI design allows the use of only one (1) injector per TBIU by using high pressure and advanced injectors which highly atomizes the fuel spray, even at low RPMs.  You must have your own 140HP linkage as it is NOT supplied in the kit. All of our kits support the use of Wideband O2 sensors for advanced tuning and precise fuel control. 

Ignition:  We offer 4 types of Ignition for the Dual and Four TBI kits: 

a.  *Pertronix ignition Distributor 

b.  *TSP type Distributor

c.  Modified Corvair Distributor w/VAG Logic Coil

d.  GM Logic DIS Coil

*You provide your Pertronix/TSP distributor and the ECM does not control the timing on these installations.


Kit includes all items from the fuel pressure regulator to the engine. Fuel Pumps and return line are NOT included. ** – Usable cores are requested. See Cores Page.