2.9L and 3.1L EFI Kit

The 2.9/3.1 EFI kit is an extension of the 4 TBI kit sold above with special emphasis of fuel and air flow.  All throttle bodies are bored to 1.25″ for higher flows required for these special built engines.  You will need a Wide band O2 (WBO2) sensor and a laptop for programming your fuel flow/Air fuel ratio (AFR) for your desired needs.  A narrow band O2 sensor is included in the kit to use after engine has been “dialed in” with the WBO2,


Current Kit Parts

1 ea     TBI-125-T     Throttle Body Assembly, Even Side w/ TPS and I
3 ea     TBI-125-R     Throttle Body Assembly
1 ea     TBI-R2        Wiring Harness, Standard, Non-AC, w/Relays
1 ea     15123         NB O2 Sensor
1 ea                   O2 Sensor Bung
1 ea                   Crank Sensor Holder, Adjustable, set screw
1 ea     PC7T          Crank Sensor, GM Type
1 ea     TW36-1        Crank Trigger Wheel 36-1
1 ea                   Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
1 ea     ET-905        Engine Temperature Sensor
1 ea     FPBlock       Fuel Pump Block-off
1 ea     MAP           Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor, GM Type
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Inlet, Drivers Side
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Inlet, Pass Side
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Line, Return, Drivers Side
1 ea     Fuel Line     Fuel Distribution Tee, Brass
1 ea     Fuel Line     FPR to Tee (6”), 5/16
1 ea     OM-Gen1       Owner’s Manual
1 ea     G2-FPR        Fuel Pressure Regulator, 58 lbs
1 ea     G2-ECM        Electronic Control Module (ECM) User configurable

MAP O2 Sensor   Temp Sensor Crank Sensor Holder Fuel Pump Block off Cranks Sensor IAT Sensor Head to Adapter gaskets Fuel-T