Brown EFI

This kit was designed and built with 3 major objectives:
• Increase performance, dependability and driveability of the Corvair.
• Completely reversible
• Cost effective

Background: Fuel injection has always been costly for the Corvairs mainly because of the Port injection requires costly welding and the manufacture and use of low production parts. The Throttle body was chosen for the dependability and simplicity and uses mostly GM main-line production parts to keep the price low and uses “tried and true” components for reliability. The dual throttle body has been used before, but was fragmented and used a costly computer to run.  EFI Temp input was always a problem for Corvairs and due to the wild temp fluctuations of the Air-Cooled engine. We use a Water Temp Equivalent (WTE) method for the ECM to control and trim the engine’s operation. We hope you find this one of the most well thought out, economical and dependable kits ever produced for the Corvair and should provide years of trouble-free service. This EFI system is a DIY system with many pre-made/adapted parts to aid you in the successful installation of your system, but it relies on your skill and knowledge or Corvairs and EFI. If you doubt your abilities, hire an installer or friend/club member help you with this install.

Theory: Carbs and points on the Corvair and all engines of that era are a compromise. The Carbs give the best fuel mixture at only certain times due the design. Distributors can’t compensate for Temp and use flying weights to control the timing… good, but again a compromise. Fuel Injection along with electronic timing applies the best fuel mixture and timing for that RPM, Load and Temp. Other sensors also trim the fuel and timing, but those are the basics.  EFI will increase the life of your engine, reduce maintenance costs and provide years of trouble-free service. 

What should I expect?: Ease of starting, good all around performance and better fuel economy. This will not make your worn out engine a good engine. It does not fix burned valves, leaking heads, cracked pistons, etc…. its fuel injection. It maximizes the amount of fuel and spark for the best all around performance and economy based on external factors which a traditional Carb and points can’t do. During initial cold starting the engine will run rich (emulating a choke) to aid in cold start and run. 

Just because you can does not mean you should: Fuel Injection will allow you to start the engine and drive very soon after starting, even in cold weather. Today’s engines have close tolerances which allow them to run cold without damage. The Corvair engine was never designed to nor meet designed clearances until after its warm. Yes… you can drive your vehicle immediately after cranking, but is NOT advisable to do so until the engine has warmed and proper clearances have not been obtained.

What do I need/have to purchase that does not come with the kit:
1 ea External/External Fuel Pump
5/16″ High Pressure fuel line from tank and fuel return line
Misc Bolts/Screws to meet customer desire
Laptop  (Optional, but highly recommended)

Early Model (EM) vs Late Model (LM): 61-63 EM and low HP 64’s did not come with a Harmonic Balancer (HB). When a HB is used, you must also switch the rear engine mount to a 64 model for the belt to have sufficient space for a fan belt change.   The timing wheel/harmonic balancer combination will not fit on the FC. 

Brown EFI will work on all Corvair engines that use a bolt-on carburetor.  There are two ignition configurations for each engine type.(except Turbo).  The ECM is easily adjustable using a laptop and provided cable to match users performance objectives.

2 Throttle body:

4 Throttle Body:







Legal Stuff:
The E.P.A, Federal Regulations, California (CARB), other states and governing authorities prohibit the sale or use of some aftermarket parts, including those that tamper with, modify or defeat emissions systems in any 1974 or newer vehicles.  Brown Injection Systems, LLC prohibits the use of its products on emission controlled vehicles.  All parts are sold for OFF ROAD< RACE-ONLY. ground-vehicles use purposes only.