2nd Gen EFI Systems



Got a Gen1 system and want to be able to adjust AFR or have a fully adjustable system?  We are planing on an ECM and wiring harness that connect to your existing Gen1 system.  Stay tuned


The EFI goals are them same as the Gen1 EFI:

  • Dependability (use of GM proven/easily obtainable parts)
  • Low Cost EFI (EFI is expensive, but we make it affordable)
  • Performance (Easy Starts, smooth acceleration, care-free driving…just like today’s cars)

2nd Generation EFI design is nearing completion and production will start November 2018.  After years of producing the 1st generation GM TBI system, most of the parts have almost been used up and we are nearing the end.  We will still support 1st Gen TBI as we will continue to sell them until throttle bodies are no longer available.  We are presently drive testing the Gen2 Injection with the modified Corvair distributor and another with DIS to ensure it meets performance and durability standards that we require and deserve.   This setup will use the standard Corvair Throttle linkage, even for the FC.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your charging system to internal regulated Alternator (All years Cars and FC).  The external regulator location will be used for the ECM/relay panel on the late model cars (1965-1969).  It is one of the best and inexpensive upgrades you can make on your Corvair and will improve reliability.

This generation of EFI  will be more earth friendly than the 1st Generation at idle and cruise……. what does that mean?  For the “Tree Huggers” the Corvair will be more environmentally friendly (or at least a lot more than GM ever designed).  With a smaller TBI bore than the Gen1 system, we are also able to produce less pollutants at idle while protecting the engine and producing good performance and reliability.  

Using a easily programmable ECM, users may adjust their system for more power (richer) or even take it farther (leaner) for better fuel mileage with the help of a wide band O2 sensor (only a NB O2 sensor is included in kit).  A laptop is highly recommended for install, setup and diagnostics to include remote support.

You end up where you started:  The second generation EFI looks very similar to some of the prototype versions that we ran before the GM TBI-700 was selected for Gen1.  With the introduction of smaller components, better aftermarket computers and available after-market parts have made this possible.

Units are produced using low cost production measures along with parts that are currently in production.  A  fully electronic ECM controls the modified Corvair distributor will be standard ignition of the Gen2, but DIS will be an option (at additional fee). We may offer upgraded Billet throttle bodies for those wanting to spend extra in the future, but our initial throttle bodies will be designed for function and looks vs cost.  We can build high end machined billet aluminum Throttle bodies, but this is very expensive, so initially that will not be an option nor our mission. 

Stock units will come with an ECM that can be programmed for your particular engine.  After receiving your kit, you will select your engine from the website, download to your laptop and upload to the ECM.  Your ECM tuning code will have your name/information recorded inside to program as this tune should not be shared/posted on-line.  This ECM can also be modified if needed due to special cams or other changes to the running of an engine.  Users will be able, with a laptop, change their own tunes for user desired engine performance.

Differences:  Speed sensor has been deleted as this ECM does not require the input.  The temp control of this engine needs to know if the engine is Cold, Normal or Hot and does not use exact engine temp measurement for timing control.  Idle control is by Fast Idle valve and used during warm us and when under load. The ECM will be the only major part that cant be replaced from FLAPS, but are readily available and can be shipped next day .

Do I need to upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2:  No, but I can see if you have a 140 there may be some advantage to having 4 TBIs sending fuel in air equally into the fuel log.  The Gen1 TBIs have a larger bore and may produce more power, but don’t have the Corvair look as the Gen2  The smaller bore may improve idle and “tip in”.  Other than having a more Corvair looking air cleaner system and linkage, the Gen1 models are proven to last “almost forever” and require little to no maintenance.  For a 3.0/3.1L engine, I could not see a better setup than the Gen1 TBI.

Modified Sender w/HP pump

Fuel System:  The fuel system for the Gen2 will use a higher pressure regulator (59 psi) and 8 hole plate to better atomize the fuel at the injectors.  There are different ways to fuel the injectors and are based on level of difficulty and price.  The 2 Pump Configuration uses an external Low pressure pump (outside the tank) to “siphon and pump” fuel to the 2nd, High pressure pump located behind the engine compartment.  This will allow external pumps to be used that are quite and easy to maintain.  Internal pumps are always the best for durability and noise, but do present a challenge in case of failure or needed repair to other items.   Fuel pumps WILL NOT be included in any kits due to warranty and repair reasons.   A fuel pressure regulator and filter will be provided to protect the engines injectors and maintain the proper fuel pressure.  The fuel pressure regulator is also a filter and are  readily available through aftermarket means. We will continue to use “mostly GM” tried and true parts that are generally available at most auto parts stores and reasonable prices.

Injectors:  Injectors will be standard low profile injectors, but we have selected a multi-hole type of injector to better atomize the fuel.  Standard 1 hole injectors may be used, but not recommended.

Ignition:   You have your choice of a modified Corvair Distributor, GM Smart Distributor-less ignition (DIS) or TSP “Ready to Run” (Fuel only solution)/Pertronix.  Distributor.  Corvair Distributor, Smart DIS and Pertronix use a crank-fired trigger The TSP/R2R distributors use the internal tach reference which is plugged directly into the wiring harness. 

a)  Corvair Distributor:  The Corvair distributor will have all guts removed (Points, Condenser, Advance weights, etc).  The distributor will only have the standard Corvair Rotor and Cap… this is the ultimate “Breaker-less Ignition”  You will need to spot weld or drill the advance plate to stop the rotor from advancing.  You can use the standard wires and a VAG Logic Coil.  This distributor system is knock sensor compatible and controlled through the ECM.   The vacuum advance will also need to be removed, unless you want it for looks.   Instructions are in the installation manual, but can be performed by us for $20.00 plus shipping or send to us when your order your kit and we will modify and ship with your kit at no cost. The VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Golf) Coil is a Logic based coil (similar to the GM LS1/2 coils), but the VAG coil is designed for distributor based ignition systems and has a impressive service record for all accounts. 

b)  GM Distributor-less Ignition (DIS):  This is the most tried and tested Coil Pack ever produced by GM.  These Coil packs are module controlled and timing is adjusted by the ECM.  The DIS Coil Pack and the new Smart coil packs are NOT interchangeable and requires a 7x Trigger Wheel or drilled HB.  Repair parts are give-away cheap and are available at most FLAPS.  This setup requires a special wiring harness and spark plug wires.   This DIS kit will be an additional $100, but includes plug wires and Smart coil.  (These will be offered until current inventory has been exhausted)

c)  DIS Smart Coil:  This is the newest DIS which allows the coils to be controlled through logic signals supplied by the ECM.  These are widely used on GM models on the V6 engine and have an excellent durability record.  DIS Smart Coil Pack and older coil pack are not interchangeable and requires a Gen2 ECM and a 36-1 Trigger Wheel.  This setup requires special  spark plug wires which are provided in the kit. 

d) TSP/Ready to Run/Stinger Distributors:  These distributors are manufactured by TSP and sold by numerous companies.  These distributors do all the ignition functions and only pass RPM reference information to the ECM (To fire the injectors).  These run quite well and start easier than any other system, but some questions have been raised about repair of the item when traveling.   You can provide your own and the Tach reference wire plugs directly into our wiring harness.  Timing is NOT ECM controlled.

e) Pertronix:  We have a way to fire your Pertronix II module or even leave your points in place and use the crank-fired trigger to supply RPM information to the ECM.  You will not change any ignition components as the Distributor will perform all ignition functions.   Timing is NOT ECM controlled with Pertronix or points setup. 

Idle Control:  These kits do not have integral idle control built into the TBI as the Gen1 kits, but an add-on item Fast idle control valve and is being designed to be cost efficient.  Most users can get by without it by adjusting idle up, but “idle control” also provides high idle to aid in the start/warm up process.

Air Cleaners:  The throttle bodies are close to the same design as the factory carbs, so your linkage and air cleaners will fit the way GM intended when designed.  140 kits will need to use a “lock out” on the linkage to allow all 4 throttle bodies to open evenly.

Warm up:  One of the concerns about this design is that the vehicle can be driven immediately after starting, which sounds good on the outside, but the Corvair engine was never designed to drive until the engine has had sufficient time to warm and “fill” engine clearances.   Engine tins and flaps should be in place to ensure engine get to temperature a quickly as possible with the minimum amount of load to promote long engine life. 

Carb Bases/Cores:   We will need your Carb bases shipped to us with your order.  This is so you get back what you send us.  We can provide Carb bases at $35.00 each which will include a degreasing and blasting with walnuts, but these are not intended for show quality   Please don’t send us junk as I have to throw it away, wastes your shipping to me and you will have to send another Carb base.

2 Throttle body:

4 Throttle Body: