4 Throttle Body Injection

December 2017:  The 4 TBI system .design has finally taken shape and will be introduced at Helen, GA Corvair Show April 2018.  A lot can get delayed and go wrong before then, but we are very optomistic about this design and feel we can make this happen.  We also have a Turbo sitting in the shop when will be an EFI setup, but dont know when it will be completed.   I still have a full time job.

This setup will use the standard Corvair Throttle linkage, even the FC.  4 throttle bodies that will no.t use progressive as 4 injectors evenly distributing fuel through 4 openings will give a better and smoother fuel burn .  The 140 engine air filter system will also fit all units.

2 and 4 TBI have been developed and currently undergoing testing and the 2 TBI version can be used on the 140 with block-off plates if needed.  Turbo model also under development.

Current Brown EFI 140 customers will be able to upgrade/trade-in current system to 4 TBIs.  Details, cost, etc are still under development.

Production model will differ


Stay Tuned.