Gen 2 Throttle Body Injection

2nd Generation EFI is nearing complete and start of production the middle of next year..  After years of producing the GM TBI system, most of the parts have almost been used up and we are nearing the end of 1st generation EFI.  We will still support 1st Gen TBI as we will continue to sell them until throttle bodies are no longer available.

You end up where you started:  The second generation EFI looks very similar to some of the prototype versions that we ran before the GM TBI was selected.  With the intoduction smaller components, better aftermarket computers and parts have made this possible.

Units will be produced using low cost production measures along with parts that are currently in production.  DIS will be the mainstay ignition system of the 2nd gen as the first, but the Emerson Distributor can be incorporated into the system with minor software and wiring changes.

Unit will come pre-programmed for size engine, but can be changed if needed due to special cams or other changes to the running of an engine.