Electronic Distributor for Brown EFI

20151018_160752 20150822_004357

Using a Corvair distributor, we take the guts from the Corvair distributor and install a reluctor wheel and pickup.  All timing processing is performed by the module which is remote from the distributor.  The concern of using an HEI with a stock Corvair distributor appears to be unfounded.  Use of 8mm wire is recommended, but I currently run 7mm on a test engine without any misfires.  The Corvair distributor and the GM V6 distributor are about the same size (1/4″ difference) which encouraged us enough to build a few of these distributors.  Silicone wire systems has a “real” V6 distributor that has been manufactured for the Corvair and is for sell by them  Silicone Wire Systems.  We have not tested this distributor with the EFI at this time, but will be done soon (Nov 2015)