About Us

This injection system was started due to the many attempts by others to create an EFI kit in to the hands of Corvair Owners that were reasonably priced and not so complicated that it could not be used by the masses.  This injection system was not designed as a racing venue, but a performance and reliability enhancing project for the average owner to draw benefit from the advancement of electronics.

2nd Generation TBI was developed to simplify installation and kits are not dependent on used parts as the 1st Generation TBI.

This is a GM based system and uses all the “normal” types of GM sensors.  All were chosen based on availability, price and dependability.

I am Ted Brown and I designed this system to be simple and complete and to give little to no trouble with easy troubleshooting.  This is not my full-time job.  I will be able to support the system, but not as a full-time mechanic.  Please evaluate your skills and the skills of others before you embark on this journey which is well worth the trouble.

Email:  ted@corvair-efi.com

Brown Injection Systems, LLC
105 Sunrise Harbor Dr
Anderson, SC 29621