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The Brown Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system was started due to the many attempts by others to create a system for Corvair Owners that was reasonably priced and not so complicated that it could not be used by the masses.  This injection system was not designed as a racing venue, but a performance and reliability enhancements will benefit all owners using EFI.  The newest carbs are 50 years old and repair/rebuilding is get more and more difficult.  Many attempts have been made to have a reproducible EFI system, but cost are usually prohibitive due to componenet cost.  We have a lot of experience building EFI systems and some were very successful, but could not be mass produced due to cost.  We have boxes full of EFI projects that worked well and some not so well, but we learned from them all.  More money has been invested than we will ever get back, but we do have a love of EFI and plan for Brown EFI to be the standard bearer of Corvair EFI systems.

2nd Generation TBI was developed to simplify installation and not as dependent on used “junk yard” parts as the 1st Generation TBI.  This kit using the same linkage, Air cleaners and distributor which makes it look very similair the the factory Corvair engine. 

This is a GM based system and uses standard GM sensors.   All parts were chosen based on availability, price and dependability that GM is know for.  We try to source parts that are American made, but finding american parts is getting more and more difficult. 

I am Ted Brown and I designed this system to be simple, complete and be trouble-free with easy troubleshooting if it ever needs maintenance.  This is not my full-time job.  I will be able to support the system, but not as a full-time mechanic.  You must have a laptop w/internet for remote diagnostic help.  Please evaluate your skills and the skills of others before you embark on this journey which is well worth the trouble.

Email:  ted@corvair-efi.com

Brown Injection Systems, LLC
105 Sunrise Harbor Dr
Anderson, SC 29621


Did I mention…Brown EFI is for off-road use only?